New Zealand research tagging database

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Tagging programmes have been used to provide information on fish and fisheries to central government policy makers in New Zealand for many years. A wide variety of species have been the subject of such studies, including finfish, shellfish and rock lobsters. In New Zealand, the Ministry for Primary Industries (formerly the Ministry of Fisheries) has funded these programmes to aid with fisheries research and stock assessment. Data from these programme are held in the "tag" database, from which the data in this dataset are sourced.

Data Records

The data in this 出現紀錄 resource has been published as a Darwin Core Archive (DwC-A), which is a standardized format for sharing biodiversity data as a set of one or more data tables. The core data table contains 411,926 records.

This IPT archives the data and thus serves as the data repository. The data and resource metadata are available for download in the downloads section. The versions table lists other versions of the resource that have been made publicly available and allows tracking changes made to the resource over time.


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The table below shows only published versions of the resource that are publicly accessible.



Ministry for Primary Industries (2014). New Zealand research tagging database. Southwestern Pacific OBIS, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), Wellington, New Zealand, 411926 records, Online released on November 5, 2014.



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Occurrence; Observation



Kevin Mackay
Marine Database Manager
NIWA Private Bag 14901, Kilbirnie Wellington NZ


David Fisher
Fisheries Research Data Manager
NIWA Private Bag 14901, Kilbirnie Wellington NZ


Kevin Mackay
Marine Database Manager
NIWA Private Bag 14901, Kilbirnie Wellington NZ


Mainly around the New Zealand waters, but also around the South Pacific and Southern Oceans

界定座標範圍 緯度南界 經度西界 [-54, -172], 緯度北界 經度東界 [-8, 109]


起始日期 / 結束日期 1965-06-15 / 2013-01-01



計畫名稱 NZ Fisheries Research Tagging Programmes
經費來源 Ministry for Primary Industries
研究區域描述 New Zealand EEZ

The personnel involved in the project:

David Fisher


Biological data was sampled in-situ using a variety of equipment such as longlines, pots, rod and reels, and divers.

研究範圍 Species occurrence data collated from research tagging events in and around New Zealand waters.
品質控管 The scientific names have been mapped to the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS), using the online taxon match tool. All sampling locations have been plotted on a map to perform a visual check. The most important check would be to see if all sampling locations are (1) in the marine and/or brackish environment and (2) within the described sampling area. There are some occurrences that appear to be on land. These are positions from commercial or recreational fishermen that are often adjusted to hide their true position for fear of giving away their real fishing grounds. These points are still included in this dataset as they do give an indication of the general area where the species occurrence was.


  1. Data was extracted from the tag database, then filtered for only records that have latitude and longitude values present.


  1. Tag Database documentation (Ministry for Primary Industries)


marine, harvested by iOBIS

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