A Preliminary Floristic Survey of the Benthic Marine Algae of Rotuma Island

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A preliminary study of the intertidal benthic macroalgal flora of the island of Rotuma (12°30'S 177°05'E; politically attached to the Fiji Island group) has revealed a total of 88 taxa, including 41 Rhodophyceae, 11 Phaeophyceae and 36 Chlorophyceae, representing the first published records of marine algae for this island. Of these, 30 represent new records for the Fijian flora. The Rotuman flora is distinct from that of Fiji, a probable consequence of habitat limitations and high exposure regimes on Rotuman reefs that have led to a predominance of low-profile, robust algal species. A distinct north-south distribution pattern was found, brought about by variations in exposure regimes. Biogeographic considerations further dissociated the Rotuman and Fijian floras, the former being more equatorial and in the path of oceanic currents dispersing algal species from donor areas in the central and western Pacific.

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Antoine De Ramon N'Yeurt
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University of the South Pacific
PO Box 1168
Kevin Mackay

Geographic Coverage

Rotuma, Fiji

Bounding Coordinates South West [-12.525, 177.009], North East [-12.479, 177.139]

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 1992-01-01 / 1995-01-31

Sampling Methods

An initial survey of the island was carried out, from January to May 1992. A further survey was conducted from December 1992 to February 1993, with additional specimens collected between September 1993 and January 1994, and between November 1994 and January 1995.

Study Extent Rotuma, Fiji

Method step description:

  1. A preliminary visual survey of the coastline was carried out, and 19 representative sites around the island were chosen for inspection. Surveys were carried out either by wading or snorkelling. Considering the sparse distribution of the algae, and the turbulent and exposed conditions on the often very narrow fringing reefs, it was deemed impractical to lay transects. Instead, the area was visually inspected for algal growth, with salient distribution and reef profile features being recorded on an underwater writing board. Owing to the exposed nature of the reefs and the lack of diving facilities and trained partners, it was considered dangerous to sample subtidal habitats. Consequently, all collections were from the intertidal region, imposing obvious limitations on the overall results obtained.
  2. Photographs of algae in situ and of the general habitats were taken using an Olympus 35 mm camera and a Pentax SLR variable-focus camera. Algal specimens were hand-collected or scraped off the substratum using a knife, put into polyethylene plastic bags or vials, promptly preserved in 5% formaldehyde in seawater, and stored in light-proof plastic containers for eventual shipment back to Fiji.

Collection Data

Collection Name South Pacific Regional Herbarium, University of the South Pacific in Suva
Collection Identifier USP
Specimen preservation methods Formalin

Bibliographic Citations

  1. N'Yeurt, A.D.R., 1996. A preliminary floristic survey of the benthic marine algae of Rotuma Island. Australian systematic botany, 9(3), pp.361-490.

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